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      Nantong Wanda Boiler Co. Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise which was established based on the former Nantong Boiler Works that was founded in 1958. She holds the Grade A Certificate for Boiler Manufacturing, Certificates for Design and Manufacture of Pressure Vessels of Class Ⅰ&Ⅱ, and Certificates of Authorization of ASME “S” Stamp, and also has the Certificate of Quality Management System of ISO 9001, Environmental Management System Certificate of Conformity of ISO 14004:2004, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate of Conformity of 18001:2008. The company has total assets of 880 million Yuan, covers more than 200000 square meters. The assets quality is fine, and its assets liability ratio is low in the industry. The company has a full range of advanced product lines for boiler and vessels manufacturing, such as drum; membrane; header; serpentine tube etc., and she own the sophisticates material test/detective special equipments and large-size heat treatment furnace.

       She has already formed a Technological Innovation System that was Market-oriented, Product-linked and Manufacture-study-research-combined. She has developed a series of products that is leading the domestic level, such as WHRG boilers for industries of cement; glass; iron; metallurgy; chemical industry; Cogeneration Boiler; MSW Incineration; Biomass-fired; CWS-fired and so on, and all these products receive good reputation in the market.
       Wanda also focuses on diverse investment. Wanda has made investment in Nantong CIMC Smooth Sail Container Co., LTD and Nantong CIMC Special Transportation Equipment Co., LTD, at 14% of the total investment. Wanda also has investment in the Communication Bank of China and Jiangsu Bank.

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